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Do you believe in long distance relationships to be working?

Absence or distance makes the heart grow fonder. Or is it the other way around?

Absence or distance could make the heart grow colder. Or do you think it's a combination of both?

Well, no one really knows the exact answer. It varies from person to person.

In my experience though, mostly it's a combination of both. One factor that would really come into play is doubt. Even though during the time when we left each other's arms we felt very truly in love but as time passes by there's a big possibility that we may go through a stage of doubting our partner.

Along the way, there could be instances that we engage into a one night stand or end up partying with a group of people who we've just met. I mean, things could go crazy especially when we tend to cover up the absence of our partner. Though to many it's really against the rules, we could somehow say that having some random sex could fill things up. In one hand, it's undeniable that as human beings our bodies tend to crave for heat and sex. It's part of our physiological make up.

On the other hand, we could say that cheating on a relationship is the time when our hearts had grown colder. It’s the manifestation that we lose faith and trust in our partner. And one weakness is that at the moment that we engaged in those one night stands – we screw things up. Obviously, we’re not able to hold on to our promise as real people.

Now my question is - Has everyone been completely honest when talking about this topic?

I know that this topic is really controversial and could lead in some arguments. But taking this up could also help couples maintain and strengthen their relationship especially when they're far away apart.

But what really matters most is that you and your partner are happy when you're together. And you just forget to mention that somehow along the way you filled an empty the cup half full.

The real answer is in your hands. The truth is just out there.

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