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Hi I'm Dr. Kat and I'm here with your Sex Tip of the Day.

Today's Sex Tip Has To Do with Masturbation Tips For Her. Most Women Do Indeed Masturbate. But most of them have learned to masturbate one way. They kind of orgasm then done which is great, you know, you can get yourself there. The point is you'll be able to experiment and broaden your horizon and find some undiscovered territory. 

I suggest staying home one night by yourself, locking the doors, turning the phone off, and getting down with your bad self. May be you could experiment with a sex toy maybe or some different lubes that heat up or cool down or just with your hand. There are a lot of women who don't realize that they can get sexually excited just by touching themselves in a different way. Whether, it's kind of tickling the perineum, or gently tagging on the labia, there are million in one ways to get off. 

And I can guarantee you that if you found a new way, that would be really a good thing to equip with your partner. 

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