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Fengshui  - a 3000-year old Chinese art brings you still-effective ways on how to channel positive energy into your bedrooms to improve your sex life.

Dr. Kat is going to give some Artful Tips on how to arrange your bedroom into a more sex friendly and how to balance the energies in your room - Organizing it in such manner that we would feel your room is more of a Sanctuary for romance and lovemaking. 

This is one such great way on how to properly channel the positive energies into your body. Producing a calm sense of feeling, vigorous body, and enhance stamina.

Whether it’s composed with high thread count Sheets, good bedcovers, nice lighting, colors that are cool and calming, mirrors in the ceiling. Adding some plants, candles, erotic books, orange or lavender scent, even position of the bed would greatly add more into the mix. These ideas help focus the positive Chi at the center of the room. Most importantly, we must avoid clutter. Bedrooms should be a place where you can decompress your mind, really enjoy and relax when indulging yourself into sex.

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