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Do You Believe In Having Orgasm By Nipple Play Alone?

Well, it really varies from one person to another. Some can even achieve orgasm just by playing and teasing the nipples. Well, lucky for them.

As we all know, the nipple is somewhat directly connected to our GSpots. Really? Intuitively, I believe so. For one, when my nipples are teased I felt a little tickled in my pleasure spot. Somehow, the two are inter-connected. Whew! I can eve feel it though I'm just saying it.

But not all woman or man like to have their nipples played or teased. Some people are just so sensitive that they come to a point of being annoyed. But some also are just like me. Liked their nipples teased. So you guys out there, beware! You should know how to identify if he/she is into nipple play.

Nipple play is used to excite more arousal and to boost the feeling of orgasm or the stage of climax. Some women even get arouse just by having their nipples touch unintentionally in public. Generally, a lot of women really like having their nipples teased. But some men remained insensitive to these non verbal cues. So it's just so lucky for those men who notice the difference.

Try This REALLY WORKING SEX TIP for MEN. Try having your mouth suck or bite one nipple, one hand at the other nipple squeezing her melons, the other hand is hold a vibrator playing her clits, and doing all these behind her while having your Big Willie penetrate the depths of her.

Hope this one works for you.

Wait for another fun and exciting Sex Tips from Hawaaiiiii.......

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