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This method is somewhat taken for granted but its observance could led into a perfect sex and strengthens a couple's long-term relationship. Believe me most men tend to avoid this type of topic.

One of the many reasons could be because men are quite impulsive when it comes to sex.

But true men use this technique to their advantage. Remember guys, knowledge is POWER!

Observing your wife's or partner's menstrual cycle could really help you and your partner attain the perfect sexual pleasure. The keyword here is 'Timing'. It's true that there are days that women tend to be more inclined to having sex and there are days too that they tend to me more emotional. The ability to identify those mood swings doesn't really take rocket science. As men, you should be more sensitive to your partner's feelings. Discussing this to your partner could really be helpful. 

You might want to provide her emotional support whenever you sense her feeling down and sad. On the contrary, you might want to lay her down during the TIME when she's feeling happy and merry. Sex could be physical, true, but if you’re emotionally happy doing it then this could be more satisfying.

As you developed this ability and increase the chance of timing a Perfect Sex, the more you can build your relationship stronger. And by the way, this could also help you in your family planning especially for those couples who are just using the natural way of controlling birth.

And also remember this, the stronger the relationship you have the more your lives become happier. A sound life is a happy life. Proven and Tested!

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