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Have you been through a BIG fight with your girlfriend or boyfriend or with your partner in general? And then later on the evening you've ended up venting out your physical steam in an Anger Sex.

I just hope you end up playing Angelina Jolie and Bran Pitt in the Movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Anger Sex? You might want to ask what it is. Well, it's some way of releasing out your anger towards your partner through sex. Isn’t that a bit odd? Just be careful not to go beyond the limits because there's a tendency of becoming abusive when you go out of control. But you know what Anger Sex could really be satisfying. It might be even more satisfying than any other sex methods.

As we can see, anger is just a natural phenomenon in our human nature. I mean everyone goes through it. Who else does not? Our emotions are pretty much heightened when we are angry. In this point we pretty much stimulated already but in a different way. But the level, Yes!, the level of heightened emotion is just as the same as that of being stimulated during or having sexual arousal or stimulation. So if you will learn that ability to manage and fuse those two emotions together then that could be really satisfying. One testimonial told me that it even increased sperm count and erectile longevity.

Well, scientifically speaking blood rushed everywhere else in our body when we're angry and having an erection really needs the blood to rush in into the veins of the male genitalia. So, for men, your job is find a way to redirect that blood rush in to your Tinny Winnie and arm it with enough ammunition to blow the hole. 

Wow! Isn't that really satisfying? Yeah I firmly believe it is. 

But, there's a big but here. Is having sex after a big fight really the resolution here or is it just an outlet to let all the tension go? I think everyone will agree here that it's just a mere facet to let the bad feeling go. In relation, one of my main goals is get you guys a good well-being. So after having that really crazy anger sex, let's make sure to discuss the issue with your partner and find the real solution. 

Once again, I'm Dr. Kat, your Clinical Sexologist. Thanks for following.

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See ya on Monday!

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