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Short Tip on How to Become Successful in Your One Night Stands

How many times have you already ended up in somebody else's bed?

Well, undeniably most of us have a story to tell.

One thing is be as natural as you are as a person and treat your one night stand partner with respect just like anyone else. 

We can never predict that in the future that the same person might be also able to help you.

So just befriend him or her.

Thanks for your time watching. And again, I would love to extend my heartfelt thanks to those people out there who are constantly supporting my show.

It's still me Dr. Kat, your Clinical Sexologist. See ya next time!

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Have you been through a BIG fight with your girlfriend or boyfriend or with your partner in general? And then later on the evening you've ended up venting out your physical steam in an Anger Sex.

I just hope you end up playing Angelina Jolie and Bran Pitt in the Movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Anger Sex? You might want to ask what it is. Well, it's some way of releasing out your anger towards your partner through sex. Isn’t that a bit odd? Just be careful not to go beyond the limits because there's a tendency of becoming abusive when you go out of control. But you know what Anger Sex could really be satisfying. It might be even more satisfying than any other sex methods.

As we can see, anger is just a natural phenomenon in our human nature. I mean everyone goes through it. Who else does not? Our emotions are pretty much heightened when we are angry. In this point we pretty much stimulated already but in a different way. But the level, Yes!, the level of heightened emotion is just as the same as that of being stimulated during or having sexual arousal or stimulation. So if you will learn that ability to manage and fuse those two emotions together then that could be really satisfying. One testimonial told me that it even increased sperm count and erectile longevity.

Well, scientifically speaking blood rushed everywhere else in our body when we're angry and having an erection really needs the blood to rush in into the veins of the male genitalia. So, for men, your job is find a way to redirect that blood rush in to your Tinny Winnie and arm it with enough ammunition to blow the hole. 

Wow! Isn't that really satisfying? Yeah I firmly believe it is. 

But, there's a big but here. Is having sex after a big fight really the resolution here or is it just an outlet to let all the tension go? I think everyone will agree here that it's just a mere facet to let the bad feeling go. In relation, one of my main goals is get you guys a good well-being. So after having that really crazy anger sex, let's make sure to discuss the issue with your partner and find the real solution. 

Once again, I'm Dr. Kat, your Clinical Sexologist. Thanks for following.

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Do You Believe In Having Orgasm By Nipple Play Alone? 

Well, it really varies from one person to another. Some can even achieve orgasm just by playing and teasing the nipples. Well, lucky for them. 

As we all know, the nipple is somewhat directly connected to our GSpots. Really? Intuitively, I believe so. For one, when my nipples are teased I felt a little tickled in my pleasure spot. Somehow, the two are inter-connected. Whew! I can eve feel it though I'm just saying it. 

But not all woman or man like to have their nipples played or teased. Some people are just so sensitive that they come to a point of being annoyed. But some also are just like me. Liked their nipples teased. So you guys out there, beware! You should know how to identify if he/she is into nipple play.

Nipple play is used to excite more arousal and to boost the feeling of orgasm or the stage of climax. Some women even get arouse just by having their nipples touch unintentionally in public. Generally, a lot of women really like having their nipples teased. But some men remained insensitive to these non verbal cues. So it's just so lucky for those men who notice the difference.

Try This REALLY WORKING SEX TIP for MEN. Try having your mouth suck or bite one nipple, one hand at the other nipple squeezing her melons, the other hand is hold a vibrator playing her clits, and doing all these behind her while having your Big Willie penetrate the depths of her.

Hope this one works for you. 

Wait for another fun and exciting Sex Tips from Hawaaiiiii.......

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Could following someone more often in Facebook or Twitter be considered stalking?

What are the limits to this? Is there a definitive line that's saying we shouldn't cross at all?

With the emergence of Social Media, it's now easier to stalk someone than ever before. Say in Facebook, not everyone is internet savvy enough to know on how make their profile information in private. This is the type of opportunity that most stalkers want to talk advantage of. Even personal social media information is now taken as collateral for a character loan. Imagine? That's how society evolved nowadays. 

But that's not why I'm here. I'm here because I wanted to help the stalker kill that Bad Habit. Some even end themselves up in jail. Well, that's some sort of a worst case scenario though. 

Yes! Stalking is just like any other habit that we can eliminate. Let's say, for example smoking. Well, for one, stalking is a psychological state where you lose your self-respect and self-value. In most cases, a person who is obsessed with other person because he/she may lack something the other person has. It couldn't be always about sex though some people think that the word stalker can interchangeable used with the word pervert or even sexually obsessed. 

Well, there is a drill for this. It might be difficult but somehow, it could be useful too. I can see that most stalkers are loners who don't want to talk their best friends, friends, colleagues, other by standers. Most stalkers need some social affirmation very especially from the family members who listen to them and tell them how important and special they are. As what Christina Aguilera said - You are beautiful no matter what they say.  

So stay beautiful & sexy and stop that stalking habit. And it's really best to take advantage of social media to stay in touch and even build stronger relationships with family, friends, community, and even the entire world itself; increase self-value and self-respect and kill that bad stalking habit. 

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Do you believe in long distance relationships to be working?

Absence or distance makes the heart grow fonder. Or is it the other way around?

Absence or distance could make the heart grow colder. Or do you think it's a combination of both?

Well, no one really knows the exact answer. It varies from person to person.

In my experience though, mostly it's a combination of both. One factor that would really come into play is doubt. Even though during the time when we left each other's arms we felt very truly in love but as time passes by there's a big possibility that we may go through a stage of doubting our partner.

Along the way, there could be instances that we engage into a one night stand or end up partying with a group of people who we've just met. I mean, things could go crazy especially when we tend to cover up the absence of our partner. Though to many it's really against the rules, we could somehow say that having some random sex could fill things up. In one hand, it's undeniable that as human beings our bodies tend to crave for heat and sex. It's part of our physiological make up.

On the other hand, we could say that cheating on a relationship is the time when our hearts had grown colder. It’s the manifestation that we lose faith and trust in our partner. And one weakness is that at the moment that we engaged in those one night stands – we screw things up. Obviously, we’re not able to hold on to our promise as real people.

Now my question is - Has everyone been completely honest when talking about this topic?

I know that this topic is really controversial and could lead in some arguments. But taking this up could also help couples maintain and strengthen their relationship especially when they're far away apart.

But what really matters most is that you and your partner are happy when you're together. And you just forget to mention that somehow along the way you filled an empty the cup half full.

The real answer is in your hands. The truth is just out there.

Thanks for watching, reading, and subscribing to my show guys.

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This method is somewhat taken for granted but its observance could led into a perfect sex and strengthens a couple's long-term relationship. Believe me most men tend to avoid this type of topic.

One of the many reasons could be because men are quite impulsive when it comes to sex.

But true men use this technique to their advantage. Remember guys, knowledge is POWER!

Observing your wife's or partner's menstrual cycle could really help you and your partner attain the perfect sexual pleasure. The keyword here is 'Timing'. It's true that there are days that women tend to be more inclined to having sex and there are days too that they tend to me more emotional. The ability to identify those mood swings doesn't really take rocket science. As men, you should be more sensitive to your partner's feelings. Discussing this to your partner could really be helpful. 

You might want to provide her emotional support whenever you sense her feeling down and sad. On the contrary, you might want to lay her down during the TIME when she's feeling happy and merry. Sex could be physical, true, but if you’re emotionally happy doing it then this could be more satisfying.

As you developed this ability and increase the chance of timing a Perfect Sex, the more you can build your relationship stronger. And by the way, this could also help you in your family planning especially for those couples who are just using the natural way of controlling birth.

And also remember this, the stronger the relationship you have the more your lives become happier. A sound life is a happy life. Proven and Tested!

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No Sweat, No Diet, No Hesitation

Hey guys here's an interesting natural aphrodisiac from Southeast Asia which is found to be one of the most effective in enhancing sexual vigor and endurance. A week ago, I've came across a Filipino restaurant in California that serves a very unique species of oyster. Locally known as 'Talaba', this exotic food is a natural rich source of Zinc. Zinc can only not increase sperm count and fertility but also it helps improve your sexual performance in a natural way. A popular way of eating Oysters is to eat it raw with vinegar, salt and a mix of spices. Others enjoy it sautéed or stir-fried or even grilled topped with margarine or butter. In Australia, it's called Sydney Rock Oysters. In fact, with some research, we have our own U.S. equivalent; it's known as the eastern oyster (Crassostrea virginica) also called Atlantic oyster or Virginia oyster.

Here’s more interesting, I just went to the other side of the world just to get this video filmed for you. It’s really amazing as to where I am now while savoring the exoticness of this sexual enhancer. Try it yourself.

Along with Kegel exercise, having this natural aphrodisiac could really help you boost and enjoy your sex life in a healthy way.

I hope that this week's tip will grant you a happier and enjoyable sex life

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Most of us feel bored about doing the same sex routine inside the house and most probably will lead us to innovate things quite a bit. Say, for example, performing sex in public i.e. night clubs, bars, rest rooms, or even at the beach. Just to add some spice into our sex lives, some end up doing it with multiple partners while others end up having it with the same sex. Well, one thing for sure, we should listen to what Dr. Kat's going to say about staying safe while enjoying outdoor sex.

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See ya again for another tip of the week. Bye!

What Do Sex Dreams And Fantasies Tell? Why Do We Experience Them?

Some sex dreams can be more extremely realistic compared to real ones. 

Sometimes the subconscious part of our brain takes over when we are in deep sleep. The subconscious even knows ourselves better than us per se. It knows our deepest and wildest sexual desires. To some extent, it will amplify and intensify those desires in our dreams resulting to a high level of orgasm waking us up in the middle of the night. There are even times that the pictures that we see are more vivid and clearer than the actual ones. 

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