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Could following someone more often in Facebook or Twitter be considered stalking?

What are the limits to this? Is there a definitive line that's saying we shouldn't cross at all?

With the emergence of Social Media, it's now easier to stalk someone than ever before. Say in Facebook, not everyone is internet savvy enough to know on how make their profile information in private. This is the type of opportunity that most stalkers want to talk advantage of. Even personal social media information is now taken as collateral for a character loan. Imagine? That's how society evolved nowadays. 

But that's not why I'm here. I'm here because I wanted to help the stalker kill that Bad Habit. Some even end themselves up in jail. Well, that's some sort of a worst case scenario though. 

Yes! Stalking is just like any other habit that we can eliminate. Let's say, for example smoking. Well, for one, stalking is a psychological state where you lose your self-respect and self-value. In most cases, a person who is obsessed with other person because he/she may lack something the other person has. It couldn't be always about sex though some people think that the word stalker can interchangeable used with the word pervert or even sexually obsessed. 

Well, there is a drill for this. It might be difficult but somehow, it could be useful too. I can see that most stalkers are loners who don't want to talk their best friends, friends, colleagues, other by standers. Most stalkers need some social affirmation very especially from the family members who listen to them and tell them how important and special they are. As what Christina Aguilera said - You are beautiful no matter what they say.  

So stay beautiful & sexy and stop that stalking habit. And it's really best to take advantage of social media to stay in touch and even build stronger relationships with family, friends, community, and even the entire world itself; increase self-value and self-respect and kill that bad stalking habit. 

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