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Dr Kat focuses her tip of the day on this scientific breakthrough - The Arousal Cream. 

Question are Don't they work? Do they work? Well, kind of both. Basically, anything that encourages you to touch your clitoris is a good thing. But there are a lot of different formulas out there. They come in lotion, they come in gels. Basically, it's up to you to find the arousal cream that works for you - which means it's none irritating and it give you the reaction that you wanted to. I'd say start with a very small amount and that means you need to buy a couple of different creams and try it on your inner wrist always ahead of time before you actually apply it to your clitoris. In that way you can gauge what your reaction's going to be to it. Now, most of them have a sort of menthol in the formula so you don't want to apply too much quickly because you don't want to burning sensation. That usually is not going to turn you on. However, a little bit of tinkling, a little bit of warmth. Some people just want to experiment with arousal cream because it offers a new sensation. If you are going to use with condoms or sex toys though be careful. You want to make you that it's compatible with whatever you're using. And again, if it encourages you to touch your clitoris it's a good thing. So if you want to branch out and try an arousal cream and I'd say give it a shot. 

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