Daily Sex Tips from Hawaii | Romantic Relationship and Sex Advice for Couples

Hi I'm Dr. Kat and I'm here with the Sex Tip of the Day

Today's Sex Tip has to do with the Power of Erotic Dance.

It's a really great way to getting powered and getting your body doing sex and out of your head.You see it all in the main stream media now whether it's the pussy dolls or other erotic dance exercises.

It's actually something to getting more grounded in your body. As you're just starting at home, alone, a little bit of privacy in front of the mirror and some great music and just start to dance and move with your body. Do things that feel good to you.

Eventually you can branch out and try DVD or even live process at the gym is really wonderful if you want to start doing it in front of people. And before you know it, your partner can walk in the door one day and you can wrap around with an arm or leg and you can surprise him.

You can even do some lap dance move, erotic dance, and to some extent even pole dancing.

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