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In The Toy Box with Dr. Kat 

Something for the boys today. It's the Super Head Honcho Masturbator. Toy Of the Year. 

Feels like as almost as good as the real thing. 

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Hi I'm Dr. Kat and I'm here with your Sex Tip of the Day.

Today's Sex Tip Has To Do with Masturbation Tips For Her. Most Women Do Indeed Masturbate. But most of them have learned to masturbate one way. They kind of orgasm then done which is great, you know, you can get yourself there. The point is you'll be able to experiment and broaden your horizon and find some undiscovered territory. 

I suggest staying home one night by yourself, locking the doors, turning the phone off, and getting down with your bad self. May be you could experiment with a sex toy maybe or some different lubes that heat up or cool down or just with your hand. There are a lot of women who don't realize that they can get sexually excited just by touching themselves in a different way. Whether, it's kind of tickling the perineum, or gently tagging on the labia, there are million in one ways to get off. 

And I can guarantee you that if you found a new way, that would be really a good thing to equip with your partner. 

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In The Toy Box with Dr. Kat

Give 'em the finger and make it count towards out-of-this-world explosive orgasm. This Fingo features tiny nubs that grip onto sensitive areas to transmit thrilling vibrations. Slip ring onto finger, then place finger on erogenous zone -clit, areolas, you-name-it! FREE batteries included.

A powerful egg vibrator is inside your Fingo's. A simple on/off switch turns your finger into a vibrating love wand. Put your Nubby Fun Finger vibe anywhere you want. The nubby jelly texture in the silicone feels so good on clit, inside vagina or anywhere else. It's like dozens of tiny fingers massaging all your erogenous nerve endings.

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Today's sex Tip - Masturbation Tips For Him.

So basically, a little anatomy lesson of the male genitalia. We've got the testicles, the shaft, the glands, and underneath is the Frenulum.

Now usually, the best way, I suggest for most women to learn on how to masturbate a guy is to watch him. If you ever get the opportunity to see him masturbate on his own, or have him show you, I would think that's the best way to pick up the tips for what works for him. But also there are other tips that you can incorporate-mix things up in the bedroom too.

Obviously, most people would start with a single hand stroke. Some guys would just like that you focus on the shaft itself moving the skin back and forth. Other guys though, want to focus more on the glands or the head or just going back and forth over the Coronal ridge and the Frenulum beneath it. Also you can kind of change positions. The Frenulum is considered the most sensitive part of the penis and you can also position your thumb underneath so that you can give that area a lot of attention.

Above all, make sure that you are using lube it will make things a lot smoother if you know what I mean. And make sure that you are paying attention to his cues. Is he moaning, is he changing his positioning, is he wants you to do it more one way versus another? Just be open to allowing him to guide you through it.

Another a couple of suggestions are you can incorporate some of the masturbation techniques of the hand with some oral sex at the same time too. So kind of mixing up throughout and finding your own rhythm and pattern is usually a great way for you to see what's working best for him too.

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Today's Sex Tips has to do with Outdoor Sex. I'm not talking about Exhibitionism. I'm actually talking about having sex with your partner in the great outdoors. 

The main thing there is to find a nice private spot. So whether it's in the course of camping or finding a nice large park area where people are spread out you don't want to run to other people. 

Another really great way to make it happen on the fly is to carry blanket with you and if one of your partners is female then have her wear a skirt in that way you can flip right up so you can get in and out of there so to speak. Blankets are really great in order for you to give you some different options as far as under trees behind bushes.

But to tell you the truth it gets down into it if you can want to get down and dirty, standing up in a rear entry position is really good option. Now you can also have some cheat a little bit if you just want to have sex outdoors and be able to enjoy it and linger, I suggest moving it to the backyard in that way you can have the best of both worlds.

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Hi I'm Dr. Kat and here to talk about female ejaculation a.k.a squirting. What's all the fuzz?

It's one of the number one questions that I get in my website is "What is female ejaculation"? How can I do it or how can I do it less?

It really runs the gamut. Basically, female ejaculation is the expulsion of liquid through the vagina. And there's some conjecture as far as where exactly it's coming from and exactly what it is made up of. But usually, it's a result of stimulating the G-Spot.

Now, the GSpot is about 2 inches into the vagina on the upper wall. So when you insert your fingers and create a little bit of hook there that's where you gonna have access to the Gspot.

Now, all women do have a Gspot that's been part of the myth. Well, some people have struggle with it; do they or don't they have it. All women do, it tends to be a little bundle of nerves that when stimulated it elicits Gspot orgasm.

Now, some women will squirt some women will not. It really doesn't matter because all women do have the capacity to have a Gspot Orgasm.

I also suggest that if you don't want to do the finger thing then find a really nice toy that targets the Gspot; it makes it a lot easier.

With this toy, the curve and the little nub on the end here actually help you target the Gspot. And you can continue the stimulation.

Now the trick is some women get an urgency to actually urinate while they're being stimulated. As time goes running just let kind of play out your actually not going to urinate because if you just give yourself enough time that stimulation would turn into a really pleasurable Gspot orgasm which is different from a clitoral or vaginal orgasm.

The only complaint that I get from women is that they get running sheets. So you know whether it's putting down some plastic or some towels, you may ejaculate a little bit or a lot. It doesn't really matter, just means that the Gspot orgasm is what you're really going for. If you ejaculated then great and some guys really love it too.

So I would suggest you take a toy, try the Gspot stimulation, and if you squirt great or if you don't; the whole is that you're going to have a fabulous orgasm.

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Hi, I'm Dr. Kat and I'm here with your sex tip of the day!

Today's sex tip has to do with exploring those unexplored erogenous zone.

Now most of us get into a pattern every time that we have sex with our partner that goes from making out or working all our way down a little bit. May be there's some breast action and then it's kinda main event. 

Well, what I suggest you do is you spend an extra time seeking out those points of contact that haven't been seen before. 

Whether it's from the back of the neck, in between the breasts, even knees and elbows. Yes, they are actual pleasure meridians in the body that are not getting explored by you.

So whether it's pinching, sucking or licking areas that you haven't before, be sure you cover those areas the next time you're in bed with your lover.

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Hi I'm Dr Kat and I'm here for your Sex Tip of the Day.

How To Date Multiple People at Once?

Dating multiple people - casual dating, are more common things to the internet. The main thing is you need to be upfront and honest.

If you're gonna date casually, you need to tell people and actually post it in your profile. In that way you would actually get other people whose profile are looking for casual daters too. If you feel like it's getting more serious with somebody and you're not as interested in dating somebody casually anymore, then basically the good thing to do is to be upfront about that you're already into transition into a more exclusive relationship and you're not gonna be dating other people. You're welling to communicate that to anyone that you're dating.

If you are unable to present fully to the multiple people that you're dating then that means that you're dating too many people. If you can't remember names or whose brother's, you know, name is Howard, or what their favorite thing to do last Christmas was or it's just pretty at that point.

So what you're going to do is to date just enough people that you're going to be present and going to have fun and remember everything that they've told you. Ultimately, the most important thing is that if you're going to have sex with these people then please be safe. The last thing that you want to do is unintended pregnancy, give someone an STD when you're not even sure that you want to date with them beyond the first or second date.

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Fengshui  - a 3000-year old Chinese art brings you still-effective ways on how to channel positive energy into your bedrooms to improve your sex life.

Dr. Kat is going to give some Artful Tips on how to arrange your bedroom into a more sex friendly and how to balance the energies in your room - Organizing it in such manner that we would feel your room is more of a Sanctuary for romance and lovemaking. 

This is one such great way on how to properly channel the positive energies into your body. Producing a calm sense of feeling, vigorous body, and enhance stamina.

Whether it’s composed with high thread count Sheets, good bedcovers, nice lighting, colors that are cool and calming, mirrors in the ceiling. Adding some plants, candles, erotic books, orange or lavender scent, even position of the bed would greatly add more into the mix. These ideas help focus the positive Chi at the center of the room. Most importantly, we must avoid clutter. Bedrooms should be a place where you can decompress your mind, really enjoy and relax when indulging yourself into sex.

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