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Today's sex Tip - Masturbation Tips For Him.

So basically, a little anatomy lesson of the male genitalia. We've got the testicles, the shaft, the glands, and underneath is the Frenulum.

Now usually, the best way, I suggest for most women to learn on how to masturbate a guy is to watch him. If you ever get the opportunity to see him masturbate on his own, or have him show you, I would think that's the best way to pick up the tips for what works for him. But also there are other tips that you can incorporate-mix things up in the bedroom too.

Obviously, most people would start with a single hand stroke. Some guys would just like that you focus on the shaft itself moving the skin back and forth. Other guys though, want to focus more on the glands or the head or just going back and forth over the Coronal ridge and the Frenulum beneath it. Also you can kind of change positions. The Frenulum is considered the most sensitive part of the penis and you can also position your thumb underneath so that you can give that area a lot of attention.

Above all, make sure that you are using lube it will make things a lot smoother if you know what I mean. And make sure that you are paying attention to his cues. Is he moaning, is he changing his positioning, is he wants you to do it more one way versus another? Just be open to allowing him to guide you through it.

Another a couple of suggestions are you can incorporate some of the masturbation techniques of the hand with some oral sex at the same time too. So kind of mixing up throughout and finding your own rhythm and pattern is usually a great way for you to see what's working best for him too.

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