Daily Sex Tips from Hawaii | Romantic Relationship and Sex Advice for Couples

Hi, I'm Dr. Kat and I'm here with your sex tip of the day!

Today's sex tip has to do with exploring those unexplored erogenous zone.

Now most of us get into a pattern every time that we have sex with our partner that goes from making out or working all our way down a little bit. May be there's some breast action and then it's kinda main event. 

Well, what I suggest you do is you spend an extra time seeking out those points of contact that haven't been seen before. 

Whether it's from the back of the neck, in between the breasts, even knees and elbows. Yes, they are actual pleasure meridians in the body that are not getting explored by you.

So whether it's pinching, sucking or licking areas that you haven't before, be sure you cover those areas the next time you're in bed with your lover.

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Hi I'm Dr Kat and I'm here for your Sex Tip of the Day.

How To Date Multiple People at Once?

Dating multiple people - casual dating, are more common things to the internet. The main thing is you need to be upfront and honest.

If you're gonna date casually, you need to tell people and actually post it in your profile. In that way you would actually get other people whose profile are looking for casual daters too. If you feel like it's getting more serious with somebody and you're not as interested in dating somebody casually anymore, then basically the good thing to do is to be upfront about that you're already into transition into a more exclusive relationship and you're not gonna be dating other people. You're welling to communicate that to anyone that you're dating.

If you are unable to present fully to the multiple people that you're dating then that means that you're dating too many people. If you can't remember names or whose brother's, you know, name is Howard, or what their favorite thing to do last Christmas was or it's just pretty at that point.

So what you're going to do is to date just enough people that you're going to be present and going to have fun and remember everything that they've told you. Ultimately, the most important thing is that if you're going to have sex with these people then please be safe. The last thing that you want to do is unintended pregnancy, give someone an STD when you're not even sure that you want to date with them beyond the first or second date.

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Fengshui  - a 3000-year old Chinese art brings you still-effective ways on how to channel positive energy into your bedrooms to improve your sex life.

Dr. Kat is going to give some Artful Tips on how to arrange your bedroom into a more sex friendly and how to balance the energies in your room - Organizing it in such manner that we would feel your room is more of a Sanctuary for romance and lovemaking. 

This is one such great way on how to properly channel the positive energies into your body. Producing a calm sense of feeling, vigorous body, and enhance stamina.

Whether it’s composed with high thread count Sheets, good bedcovers, nice lighting, colors that are cool and calming, mirrors in the ceiling. Adding some plants, candles, erotic books, orange or lavender scent, even position of the bed would greatly add more into the mix. These ideas help focus the positive Chi at the center of the room. Most importantly, we must avoid clutter. Bedrooms should be a place where you can decompress your mind, really enjoy and relax when indulging yourself into sex.

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Also find out Dr. Kat's safety tips when engaged in your most intimate and pleasurable moment with your partner in a hot tub. 

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Oh! Hi You caught me in a bit of a private moment.

Hi! I'm Dr. Kat and I'd love to talk to you about how you can incorporate a little porn watching in to your partner play. 

Basically, a lot of couples feel a little weird about porn. Everybody knows that either he or she at some point has part taken a little bit of it. 

The main thing is that - yes you can still maintain your personal relationship with your favorite pornography but it can also be a great way to add a little spice in your relationship and also to lean to sexually communicate through new tips and techniques, basically, everything that they're showing on the video.

The first thing that you can do is go online. It's super private which you can do really discreetly now and find a good place that's got tons of porn titles. Basically, adult videos run the gamut. You can find literally anything now nowadays. 

You can choose a wide range of variety from sexual position, number of participants, location and all of that.

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Our Best Vibrating Ring For Couples!

FOR HIM - stretchy dual rings for balls and shaft for harder, longer performance and more intense episodes.

FOR HER - enjoy his hardness longer and get thrilling buttons and g-spot stimulation.

FOR BOTH - waterproof vibrator sends POWERFUL VIBRATIONS through his and hers.

It’s Waterproof. FREE batteries included.

Here's how it works.

Dual rings mean that the larger ring loops around balls, offering stimulation and constricting some blood flow, causing stiffness to stay harder longer. The smaller ring fits over base of the canon, also making it stay harder. This smaller ring also has a crown of soft nubs to stimulate her g-spot and lips - it's really a good thing. Stretchy jelly material makes it easy to put the ring on and keep it on.

The clit bumper rests on the top of the ring and it is wonderful. With each thrust during lovemaking, the button bumper creates awesome stimulation with contact and even softer nubs.

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Sexting is the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photographs, primarily between mobile phones. The term was first popularized in early 21st century, and is a portmanteau of sex and texting, where the latter is meant in the wide sense of sending a text possibly with images.

Sexting can be a really great tool to mix things up in your relationship and build the fantasy component. The whole thing about sexting is to find/decide on brief vignettes that you can engage with your partner. So if you want to come down to setting up a scene and getting really detail-oriented, Tell him exactly what you want to do or want you want to do to him, asking about what he might be wearing and your wearing.

It's really okay to mix it up and make things up. The whole point is to make it really titillating. I would also suggest using pictures sparingly. Let's more on the texting versus the pictures and gets kept between the two of you and make sure you erase everything at the end.

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Dr. Kat's Quick Tips on how to give your guy a great oral sex in a scientific approach and stand point. Dr. Kat is showing emphasis to focus your stroking and nibbling on the most sensitive parts of the male organ, keep on doing it, and intensify the sensuality towards the final stage.

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Hi I'm Dr. Kat and I'm here with the Sex Tip of the Day

Today's Sex Tip has to do with the Power of Erotic Dance.

It's a really great way to getting powered and getting your body doing sex and out of your head.You see it all in the main stream media now whether it's the pussy dolls or other erotic dance exercises.

It's actually something to getting more grounded in your body. As you're just starting at home, alone, a little bit of privacy in front of the mirror and some great music and just start to dance and move with your body. Do things that feel good to you.

Eventually you can branch out and try DVD or even live process at the gym is really wonderful if you want to start doing it in front of people. And before you know it, your partner can walk in the door one day and you can wrap around with an arm or leg and you can surprise him.

You can even do some lap dance move, erotic dance, and to some extent even pole dancing.

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Dr Kat focuses her tip of the day on this scientific breakthrough - The Arousal Cream. 

Question are Don't they work? Do they work? Well, kind of both. Basically, anything that encourages you to touch your clitoris is a good thing. But there are a lot of different formulas out there. They come in lotion, they come in gels. Basically, it's up to you to find the arousal cream that works for you - which means it's none irritating and it give you the reaction that you wanted to. I'd say start with a very small amount and that means you need to buy a couple of different creams and try it on your inner wrist always ahead of time before you actually apply it to your clitoris. In that way you can gauge what your reaction's going to be to it. Now, most of them have a sort of menthol in the formula so you don't want to apply too much quickly because you don't want to burning sensation. That usually is not going to turn you on. However, a little bit of tinkling, a little bit of warmth. Some people just want to experiment with arousal cream because it offers a new sensation. If you are going to use with condoms or sex toys though be careful. You want to make you that it's compatible with whatever you're using. And again, if it encourages you to touch your clitoris it's a good thing. So if you want to branch out and try an arousal cream and I'd say give it a shot. 

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